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Image by Florian Schneider



Surrendering a dog is not an easy decision. Learn more about how to safely surrender your Miniature Schnauzer.

Surrendering your Miniature Schnauzer - Let Us Help

Surrendering your dog is a heartbreaking decision to make, but we understand that sometimes it's the best for both you and your Schnauzer. We are dedicated to finding new, loving homes for Miniature Schnauzers.  We do not require a donation or fee to take a dog into rescue, but tax-deductible donations are always appreciated and accepted.

We do not have a kennel where we hold dogs.  All our dogs are kept in private homes until they are adopted.  We have experienced foster care volunteers all over the valley in Arizona and in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  When you bring a dog into rescue, please give the foster parent any veterinary records (even old out-of-date records are helpful) and a few days’ worth of the food that the dog is used to eating.  Also, if the dog has a favorite toy or bed, etc. please send that along as well … it helps the dog with the transition and will go with the Schnauzer to the new adoptive home.


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