Dogs and Diabetes

A Message from Gail Greeley

In the twelve years that I personally have been rescuing miniature schnauzers, I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity you all have displayed towards schnauzers in desperate need.  You have adopted elderly dogs, disabled dogs, dogs that need daily medication -- as well, of course, as literally hundreds of young and healthy schnauzers and schnauzer mixes.  We -- and you -- are the special needs dogs' only hope, once their original families have proven unwilling or unable to care for them.

Since we believe that every dog deserves a home and family of his or her own, our challenge is to find homes and owners who are willing to take on the responsibility of care for a special needs dog.

Currently we have four diabetic miniature schnauzers in rescue.

While doggie diabetes cannot be cured, with treatment the dogs can live normal, happy lives.  All four of these pooches need committed owners who can easily learn to give them twice-daily insulin shots.

Dogs living with diabetes cannot have snacks and treats -- only meals timed to accompany their shots -- and owners must administer the insulin at 12-hour intervals.  The dogs do not mind the shots, which are very easy to inject.  I am certain that somewhere among our supporters, there is the right family for each of these special needs dogs.

Leo Martin, MD, from our board, assists any adoptive family in learning how to take care of diabetic dogs.  No medical background is required.  Diabetes medication and equipment costs $35-$50 per month per dog.  We have already adopted out five diabetic schnauzers and all are doing great in their new homes.  If you would like to discuss the care/feeding, adoption or sponsoring of Max, Buddy, Allie, or Corky, please call me at (480) 917-4710 or email at, or send us a donation

Be sure to return to this site to check out the upcoming stories and photos of these special boys and girls as they are adopted.

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