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Arizona Schnauzer Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer (including me) non-profit, tax deductible charity dedicated to finding new, loving homes for miniature schnauzers.  We do not require a donation or fee to take a dog into rescue.  Donations are tax deductible, but not required.

All of our dogs must be spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, groomed, housebroken and their teeth cleaned (if needed) before we adopt them into a new home.  If a dog has any behavioral issues, we work on that before adoption.  

We do not have a kennel situation.  All our dogs are kept in private homes until they are adopted.  We have experienced foster care volunteers all over the valley.  When you bring a dog into rescue, please give the foster parent any veterinary records and a few days worth of the food that the dog is used to eating.  Also, if the dog has a favorite toy or bed, etc. please send that along as well....it helps the dog with the transition.

We have a waiting list of homes desiring to adopt a schnauzer from us.  We carefully screen the new homes and when we adopt a dog it is always on a two week trial basis - I want to make sure the dog is happy and the people are happy before I will finalized an adoption.  When we adopt a dog it is always under a contract that provides a lot of things, but most important to me is that the dog (a) must be kept as a mostly indoor dog - we do not adopt to people who lock the dog outside and go off to work; and (b) they have to agree that for the life of the dog, if the new owners can't keep him for any reason, the dog has to come back to us.  We never want any of our dogs going to the humane society or animal control or down the street to the neighbors.